Often we would prefer to deal with what concerns us without speaking to anyone else, because of a fear that we will be judged by others, or an unhelpful belief that adults should be able to sort out their own problems.


There may be a time, however, when we feel we want to speak to a professional person who is not part of our family, work, or friendship groups, who can be objective about our issues, and provide an experience of being listened to without being judged.


Counselling can help you feel supported and less alone with what is concerning you. It can bring clarity to a situation, helping you to think about what is happening and how the situation can be improved. Counselling can encourage you to find resources within yourself that previously were not apparent to you or had been forgotten.


Counselling and The House Within

The House Within model helps people understand their emotional worlds.

Most people who come for counselling find this model is very helpful.

The House Within model gives us a way of talking about our feelings and experiences with the help of an emotional structure. The sense of a structure to what we are thinking, feeling and expressing can make it more possible to understand our emotional reactions and their meaning while being listened to and supported to make emotional progress.

Spending time talking about our experiences and feelings with the support and structure that the House Within model provides can enable us to develop a whole new understanding of our issues and new, and productive ways to address them, by managing our emotional reactions and responses.

The House Within model is a useful addition to the counselling process.