People have the right to be taught how their emotions work and how to manage their emotions.
I believe passionately that we need to teach people how their emotions work and how they can manage their emotions.
I believe it is more important to know how our emotions work than it is to learn maths and reading.
It is core! It is primary!
Every person has a right to know what is presented in The House Within and to be given the opportunity to manage their emotions, and their states of mind, because our state of mind affects everything we do in life.
It affects how we relate, how we learn, how we work together, how we build community and how we care for ourselves and each other.

Mindfulness is the bridge to the future.
Everything is changing and while this is stressful for the community there are some good new things
One good thing is that we are teaching children about mindfulness.
They are being taught to focus inward, to be in touch with their emotions, and to take responsibility
for their state of mind.

If you are not part of the move towards a mindful community, you belong to the past.
As our old community structures crumble, mindfulness being taught to our children and
grandchildren, carries within it, the chance to build new community structures built on care and
concern for our own mental state and for the wellbeing of others.

Meditation is not for everyone.
Mindfulness with meditation is not for everyone.
We need to offer a range of approaches to
mindfulness, and for some in the community,
what is presented in The House Within will be easier to put into
practice than meditation.
Pauline Pearson March 2018

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